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    Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. has designed and built a processing plant in full accordance with the latest international food enterprise standardsestablished a HACCP quality management system and rigorous food safety traceability processand is equipped with advanced product testing equipment to analyze and test antibioticschemical residuesand microorganisms specified by CIQUSFDAand EUensuring that the product hygiene quality complies with the Food Hygiene Law issued by the Ministry of Health of China The General Administration of Quality SupervisionInspection and Quarantine has issued the "Hygienic Requirements for Export Food Production Enterprises""Hygienic Standards for Registration of Export Aquatic Product Processing Enterprises"as well as the relevant requirements of the US FDA 21CFR regulationsEU regulationsand BRCGS certification.

    At the same timewe have formed a rigorous system of various quality management standardsmaking them systematiceffectiveand sustainableto standardize every process of product processing and ensure that product hygiene and quality fully meet world-class standards.

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